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Immediately following the screening of "She Wore Silver Wings" a special 15 minute Question and Answer session featuring the subject of the film, Jean Landis, will take place.  Join Jean as she shares her insight from this fascinating time in history and how it affected her life.  

In 1940 Jean Landis she joined the Civilian Pilot Training program (CPT) soon after college graduation. When the country entered WWII, Jean volunteered and was chosen for the Women Airforce Service Pilots (WASP) of WWII, a paramilitary organization, where women pilots flew military aircraft on non-combat missions. 

Jean was stationed at Long Beach, California where her primary assignment was to deliver P-51 Mustangs from the factory in Inglewood, CA to Newark, New Jersey where they were loaded onto ships and sent to the fighting front to allow more male pilots for combat missions. She also flew the P-39, P-63, P-40 and the P-47 Thunderbolt. She served until WASP were deactivated in 1944. Records of WASP were classified for many years and the women who served went unrecognized as American patriots. Though the WASP had been promised military status they continued to serve as civilian pilots throughout their service. 

Finally, 33 years after their deactivation they were granted full veteran status and their records were released and made available to historians and the general public. The greatest honor bestowed upon the WASP occurred, when the US Congress passed a bill (signed by President Barack Obama in July 2009) to award the Congressional Gold Medal (the highest Congressional honor for civilians) to Jean Landis and all other WASP.