2015 Borrego Springs Film Festival Winners

written & directed by Joel Ashton McCarthy & Bryant H. Boesen

Best Narrative Feature: FRAGMENTEDwritten by Wendy Elford-Argent; directed by Douglas Elford-Argent

Best Animation: JUNK GIRL [based on a poem by Tim Burton] , Directed by Mohammad Zare & Shalale Kheiri

Best Latino FilmSIN FRONTERAS / WITHOUT BORDERSwritten & directed by Giorgio Serafini

Best Short: SALTONwritten & directed by: Emily Sandifer

Peoples Choice: SONS OF AFRICAwritten by Robert Litz; directed by James Becket

2015 Films

Documentary Feature

TAKING MY PARENTS TO BURNING MAN,, written & directed by Joel Ashton McCarthy, Bryant H. Boesen

SOMEONE YOU LOVE: The HPV Epidemic, written by Mark Hefti; directed by Frederic Lumiere

SONS OF ARFICA, written by Robert Litz; directed by James Becket

FURTHEST FROM THE WILD, written by Sam Tello; directed by Alex Tello

SCARRED LANDS AND WOUNDED LIVES, written & directed by Alice & Lincoln Day

Narrative Feature

FRAGMENTEDwritten by Wendy Elford-Argent; directed by Douglas Elford-Argent

IF-THEN SCENARIO, written by Burt Peachy & Denny Dey, directed by Gina Bikales

TABLE 47, written by Michael Brody; directed by Jeff Kingery

KAPTARA, Written by Patrick Canning and James de Ciutiis; directed by Patrick Canning

Short Feature

THE GAMBLERwritten & directed by Kyle McNally

SALTON, written & directed by Emily Sandifer

HANA, written by Don Riemer; directed by Bunee Tomlinson

FROM EVA WITH LOVE, written & directed by Norman Gregory McGuire

THE BETTER HALF, written by Alicia Jordan; directed by Michael D. Witman 

MY HEART, written & directed by Yaser Talebi

PAST IMPULSE, written & directed by Michael Rossi

THE DEBT, written Mahmoud Shoolizadeh & Richard Levine; directed by Mahmoud Shoolizadeh

JORDAN’S JACKHAMMER, written by Carol Deminski; directed by Hiroshi Hara 

IF YOU LOVE YOUR CHILDREN, written by Victoria Wharfe McIntyre, directed by Sanjay Patel

LUFTSCHLOSS, written & directed Benedikt Gross

SOMEBODY’S MOTHER, written & directed by Mandy Fabian

MOPPETwritten & directed

TIDES, written & directed by Amelia Burnatowski 

STORIES OF ALYX AND ANTON, written & directed by Calum Smith

A BOY’S PRAYER, written by Chao Koi-Wang, Chen Yi-ru; directed by Chao Koi-Wang

ALIEN COMMUNICATIONS, written by Kurtis Theorin; directed by Kurtis Theorin, Kris Theorin

LONG DISTANCEwritten by Matthew Nothelfer; directed by Matthew Nothelfer, Alicia Wszelaki 

THE LEGEND OF PEG LEG’S LEG, written & directed by Devin Scott

SKY IS NOT EMPTY!, written & directed by Yaser Talebi

NOT ANYMORE: A STORY OF REVOLUTION, written & directed by Matthew VanDyke 

SHARIA, written & directed by Anouar H. Smaine


THE COLLECTOR, written by Zachary Green, James Grace, David Martingale; directed by Zachary Green

JUNK GIRL, based on a poem by Tim Burton; written by Shalale Kheiri; directed by Mohammad Zare, Shalale Kheiri

BIG BAG, written& directed by Ricardo Martin Coloma

TREASURE NEST, written & directed by Meng Chwen (Joy) Tien & Allison Botkin

UNE BALADE A LA ME, written & directed by Damien Stein

COLORS, written & directed by Jacob Hood

Latino Films

SIN FRONTERAS/WITHOUT BORDERS, written & directed by Giorgio Serafini

LA MAREA, written & directed by Gabriela Lozada Pozo

EL CORREDOR, written & directed by L.W. Thomas