"THIRST" Directed by Roman S. Koenig (7 min)

Refusing aid to the thirsty is not just immoral, it’s illegal. "Thirst" poses a thought-provoking scenario in a future of permanent drought.


"MERMAIDS ON MARS" Directed by Jon Peters (25 min)

| BLOCK A |  THURSDAY 4:00pm | click here to purchase a pass for this film block

A boy travels through a portal to Mars where he learns the planet's secret.

A magical stop-motion animated film to delight children and adults.

Based on the children’s book by author Nancy Guettier, Mermaids on Mars is a musical stop-motion animated film created with a talented veteran feature crew from films like Nightmare Before Christmas, Coraline, Pirates of the Caribbean and Star Wars.


"BREAKING POINT" Directed by BILL wisneski (60 min)

| BLOCK A | THURSDAY 4:00 pm | click here to purchase a pass for this film block

The worst environmental disaster in US history is quickly approaching, yet very little is being done to stop it.

A casualty of the "water wars" in the Southwest, California's largest lake is disappearing.  The receding Salton Sea reveals a toxic mix of fine dust and chemicals that is threatening the health of millions.

The Salton Sea has reached its breaking point, and time is running out.



Daybreak Discussions: Panel #1 "The International Perspective"

| FRIDAY 8:15am | 

Every weekend morning of the film festival features a FREE 45 minute interaction with filmmakers and industry professionals.  Come on in after breakfast and learn about the craft of movie making.

The panel members for our panel #1 discussion are showcasing films in the 2016 BSFF.  These international creatives will answer questions about the experiences, challenges, and opportunities of making movies as the film industry becomes more and more global.

Featured:  Anatoliy Kim, Director, Kazakhstan, and guest(s) TBD.

Anatoliy Kim, Director of "Grandpa Arnold"


Anatoliy Kim is an award-winning filmmaker, originally from Karaganda, Kazakhstan. 

He spent most of his teen years dancing in hip-hop style and watching movies. During that time he met many creative people who pursued their dreams no matter what. In an attempt to follow a safe path, Anatoliy earned his B.A. in Transport Equipment and Technology at Karaganda State Technical University. 

He then decided to pursue his dream of telling stories through cinema. He applied to The New York Film Academy and came to the U.S. to study filmmaking in an MFA program. He started his film education in New York City, where he wrote, directed, produced and edited four short films and collaborated on more than 20 projects. 

His films “Siblings” and “Grandpa Arnold” have been selected by numerous film festivals, including Borrego Springs Film Festival, Irvine Film Festival, Middlecoast Film Festival, Cinevana Austin Festival, Las Vegas Galaxy Film Awards, Roma Cinema DOC, Short Up Film Fest and Move Me Productions Belgium Festival. Grandpa Arnold won the Award of Merit at Best Short Competition Film Festival. 

After Anatoliy’s first year in film school in New York, he transferred to NYFA’s Los Angeles campus in order to get experience in Hollywood. He is currently in pre-production on his thesis film, a crime drama, and is developing his first feature script. 



"LE COUPLE" Directed by Junran Mo (7 min)

| BLOCK B | FRIDAY 9:30am | click here to purchase a pass for this film block

The journey of a couple's love as their marriage enters its second decade.


"WE KNOW YOU HAVE A CHOICE" Directed by Eric Simonson (13 min)

| BLOCK B | FRIDAY 9:30am | click here to purchase a pass for this film block

A successful career woman meets her match when she takes on the complexities of technology and so called “customer service”.

If you've ever questioned your life existence after an awful "customer service" call, this fun and funny short is for you.

We Know You Have a Choice isn't your typical comedy. It's a one woman rampage against modern technology and three people she can't see.



| BLOCK B | FRIDAY 9:30am | click here to purchase a pass for this film block

A young female musician with a mental disorder struggles with hallucinations and seeks normal relationships with her friends and family.

Notes from the director: "In film school we were taught to write what you know.  This story has its inspiration from circumstances in my life.  

I am a U. S. Marine veteran and when I returned from my first combat tour I had adjustment problems and sought “normal” relationships with my friends and family, just like the main character of the film.  

I needed to find balance in my life in order to connect with others.  Like the character, I was able to find balance through creative arts and my faith.  I just hope this film inspires others to find some type of positive outlet that leads to balance or “Harmony” in their lives."  --Enrique Rico Diaz


"RESERVATIONS FOR THREE?" Directed by Steven Bennett (13 min)

| BLOCK B | FRIDAY 9:30am | click here to purchase a pass for this film block

A romantic dinner for two is upended when a high-strung woman serves up a meal time discussion of personal reservations and doubts.


"BASURA" directed by Kyle van vonderen (12 min)

| BLOCK B | Friday 9:30am | click here to purchase a pass for this film block

The pursuit of love can make us feel like garbage, but sometimes at our lowest point, we find we are loved in many different ways.


"THE ANZA BORREGO DESERT" Directed by David Scheerer (16 min)

| BLOCK C | FRIDAY 11:15am | click here to purchase a pass for this film block

California's Anza Borrego Desert is a little-known natural wonder just two hours from one of earth's most densely populated urban corridors.

Stunning cinematography reveals the incredible hidden secrets of the world's largest park.

Join Jane Fonda on a visually stunning tour of the Anza Borrego Desert that tells the amazing story about why the unbelievably powerful force of nature that built this bioregion remains hidden from view.

In just 17 minutes this film catches the “essence” of the Anza Borrego Desert with mind-blowing cinematography, amazing scientific insights, and an extraordinary original score by Grammy Award-winning Jazz Artist, Pat Metheny.


"WHEN THE WELL RUNS DRY" Directed by Steve Lerner and Reuben Aaronson (31 min)

| BLOCK C | FRIDAY 11:15am | click here to purchase a pass for this film block

Rural Kansans tell us their heartfelt stories about the threats they face to the availability and quality of the water they depend on.

This is the story of our most precious yet vulnerable resource, water, as creatively and entertainingly-told thru the eyes of ranchers and farmers in small town America.

The “small” water stories the film presents are closely related to the larger water challenges faced regionally, nationally, and globally. 

The film shows how beautiful rural Kansas is and how truly impressive it’s farmers, ranchers, and townspeople are as well.


"STEINBECK COUNTRY" Directed by David Zeigler (17 min)

"Steinbeck Country" is a retrospective on the author, his work, and an insightful modern perspective on what he called, "this monster land."

It showcases the famous author and his trip home to California in 1960; part of his journey around America which resulted in his book, Travels with Charley.


"Acabo de tener un sueño" (I've just had a dream) directed by Javi Navarro (7 min)

| BLOCK D | FRIDAY 2:00 pm | click here to purchase a pass for this film block

Irene tiene ocho años y acaba de despertar de un sueño horrible.

Irene is eight and she just woke up from a horrible dream.

Es una historia sencilla contada desde la mirada inocente de dos niñas de 8 años que comparten un sueño.

It is a simple story told from the innocent eyes of two 8 year old girls sharing a dream.

A veces estamos muy cómodos en nuestro sofá y no somos capaces de ver lo que hay más allá de nuestras narices.

Sometimes we are very comfortable on our couch and we fail to see what is beyond our noses.



| BLOCK D | FRIDAY 2:00pm | click here to purchase a pass for this film block

When her father tries to teach a hard-edged lesson before going up to prison, twelve-year old Dani must choose between surrender and revolt.

Seattle Shorts Film Festival - Seattle, WA. Nominated for Best Actress, Best Actor, and Best Student Film Awards 

Massachusetts Independent Film Festival - Boston, MA. Winner of Best Short and Best Director Awards

Hollyshorts Film Festival - Los Angeles, CA Sidewalk Film Festival - Birmingham, AL Sun Valley Film Festival - Sun Valley, ID Green Mountain Film Festival - Montpelier, VT Newport Beach Film Festival - Collegiate Showcase - Newport Beach, CA WorldFest International Film Festival - Houston, TX, Tbilisi International Student Film Festival AMIRANI 2015 - Tbilisi, Georgia FIRST international film festival, Xingning Film Festival - Xingning, China. 


"SEAGULLS" Directed by Martin Smith (14 min)*

| BLOCK D | FRIDAY 2:00pm | click here to purchase a pass for this film block

A: When a young showman visits a new town he struggles to fit in. Seagulls follows Ryan as he attempts to bond with a group of local boys.

From the director: I grew up in a Scottish seaside town, and the main form of entertainment was the funfair show that was stationed there all year round.The west of Scotland can be pretty wet and windswept, and outside of the summer it could be a strange experience, hanging out at this funfair that in summer is all bright lights and excitement, and in the darker months under brooding skies it took on an altogether different nature.

Long after I’d left the town I began to wonder about the family who worked the fair, how I never really knew them.There was some- thing ‘other’ about them - they had an air of excitement and power - and even though we had spent so much time within each other’s company I never really knew anything about them.They were almost mythical.

That left a huge question for me, and it obviously resonated with me. In recent years I have been developing a feature film with Creative Scotland about a young showman, and when I was asked ‘have you ever thought of making a short film based on the characters from that story’ the idea caught my imagination. So I took a look at the material and dreamt up a story based around the relationship between the boy, his mum and his new friends. --Martin Smith

*film contains Scottish dialect w/English subtitles



| BLOCK D | FRIDAY 2:00pm | click here to purchase a pass for this film block

EN LAS NUBES (In the Clouds) explores the complicated -and often comedic- differences between how we think romance should work and how it actually does.

Set around Buenos Aires during one momentous week in the lives of Mariela, an Argentinean illustrator, and Oliver, an American dog food executive working abroad, the film takes a look at cultural disagreements about intimacy and the way the once-simple idea of a marriage proposal has taken on an increasingly public, and sometimes ridiculous, weight in this golden age of YouTube.


"THE THIRTY NINE DAYS" Directed by Jerry Shang (28 min)

Each time Celiena stands up for her passion for piano music, she is brutally torn down by her father and instructor.

Her only escape is playing music with her heart late in the night.

Drifting with the music she is surprised to be greeted by a young gentleman who sweeps her away to a magical land through a portrait. There, she rediscovers her passion for music. 


"THE GREAT FEAR" Directed by Iain Laird (105 min)

| BLOCK E | FRIDAY 4:00 pm | click here to purchase a pass for this film block

Set in the American Prairies of Montana, The Great Fear introduces us to a quiet farmer named Victor.

He is forced to forfeit his cattle following a questionable inspection of his farm by a large agricultural corporation known as Vassal. Left with only his tractors at his disposal, he decides to rent out one of his homes to a tenant. This tenant turns out to be a woman named Meryl, who appears to be looking for something.

As this aloof pair begins to open up to one another, something quietly discomforting casts a shadow on the community. All the locals begin showing flu like symptoms and Vassal begins to show a gradually increasing presence. 



| BLOCK F | FRIDAY 7:30 pm | click here to purchase a pass for this film block

It's a tradition for the family, the butterfly hunters, to finish their own pictures of butterflies. However, as time goes by, the environment changes a lot and the forests began to disappear rapidly, which make butterflies diminish. How can these butterfly hunters accomplish their own works? 

The concept comes from some key words from Taiwan: a kingdom of butterflies, a country of exporting butterflies, and Euploeas (the second largest group of native butterflies).


"WILDLIKE" Directed by Frank Hall Green (98 min)

| BLOCK F | FRIDAY 7:30pm | click here to purchase a pass for this film block

Mackenzie, a troubled but daring teenage girl, is sent by her struggling mother to live with her uncle in Juneau, Alaska.

Although Uncle seems like a supportive caretaker and friend, the relationship turns and Mackenzie is forced to run.

Trying to make her way back to Seattle alone to find her absent mother, Mackenzie only winds up deeper in the Alaskan interior.

Lost and with no one else to turn to, she shadows a loner backpacker, Bartlett, an unlikely father figure with scars of his own. Together, they cross the wilderness and discover sanctuary in the last frontier.



| SATURDAY 8:45am | 

Every weekend morning of the film festival features a FREE 45 minute interaction with filmmakers and industry professionals.  Come on in after breakfast and learn about the craft of movie making.

How do you get the money to make your movie?  How do actually make the movie?  Most importantly, how do you get it distributed and make money?  Jeff Kingery produced and directed the feature film Table 47 which premiered at the BSFF last year and has since secured distribution.  Kingery will answer your questions about making a low budget film a success.

Jeff Kingery made his directorial debut with the feature film “Table 47,” a neo-noir thriller that premiered at the 2015 Borrego Springs Film Festival.

His love of filmmaking goes back to his teenage days growing up near SanFrancisco. His brother was usually the victim, getting mauled by a monster or “shot” and falling into a swimming pool.
Jeff was the radio play-by-play broadcaster for the Denver Nuggets of the NBA and major league baseball’s Colorado Rockies. His insight into the pressures found in professional sports and his understanding of physical and mental competition permeates his work, and is responsible for his unique “voice” in writing and directing.

He is currently developing his second feature.


"MARVIN" Directed by MICHAEL SHAW (11 min)

| BLOCK G | Saturday 10:00am | click here to purchase a pass for this film block

"Marvin: His Life and Art at 102" is a brief look into the life of 102-year-old Marvin Cohn, who is an inspiration and a joy to everyone who meets him.

He stays active, reading three or four books a week, exercising, and painting, which he does for an hour or so each day. He reminds us that as we get older our lives can still be productive, fulfilling and satisfying.

Marvin’s mind is as sharp as a tack and he is incredibly articulate. His older brother Arthur is 104 and living in New York.

Producer: Clark Dugger


"GRANDPA ARNOLD" DIRECTED BY Anatoliy Kim (13 min)

| BLOCK G | SATURDAY 10:00am | click here to purchase a pass for this film block

A boy who falls in love while spending a weekend with grandpa. He is then reminded of the importance of family values between generations.

From the director:  "In today’s world, young individuals tend to forget about their grandparents.

They do not spend as much time with them as they did in the past. We don’t know when they’ll leave our lives forever. I hope that the short film “Grandpa Arnold” will make young people recall their grandparents and pay them an unexpected visit. That would be the best present for them and the film hopes to inspire people to make that simple, but very important decision."  --Anatoliy Kim


"WINTERSREISE" Directed by Susanne Boeing (26 min)

| BLOCK G | SATURDAY 10:00am | click here to purchase a pass for this film block

From the director: "Winter’s Journey is about the last station of a man’s life and the understanding that his ending belongs only to him.

During most of life you are the person responsible for your own decisions. When it comes to the evening of one’s life, when suddenly others make decisions for you, your dignity is threatened.

I believe that should not happen, I want people to stay self-determined." --Susanne Boeing


"THE NEWSLETTER" Directed by Alicia Wszelaki and Matthew Nothelfer (37 min)

| BLOCK G | SATURDAY 10:00am | click here to purchase a pass for this film block

An aspiring housewife living in the heart of Japan creates an international English language publication.

After three decades struggling against cultural, creative, and family challenges, she and her staff must then reckon with what it means to be successful.

Through it all, the creative women of "The Newsletter" find that perseverance can be a reward both unexpected and profound.


"SHE WORE SILVER WINGS" Directed by Devin Scott (30 min)

| BLOCK H | SATURDAY 1:00pm | click here to purchase a pass for this film block

"She Wore Silver Wings" is an inspirational doc about the Women Air Force Service pilots of WWII through the eyes of Jean Landis, one of a few who flew the P51 Mustang.

WWII Pilot Jean Landis is now 97 and will attend the screening.  Following the film Jean will answer questions from the audience for 15 minutes. 

She has lot’s of stories to tell and will spill her secret to a long life.



| BLOCK H | SATURDAY 1:00pm | click here to purchase a pass for this film block

Immediately following the screening of "She Wore Silver Wings" a special 15 minute Question and Answer session featuring the subject of the film, Jean Landis, will take place.  Join Jean as she shares her insight from this fascinating time in history and how it affected her life.  

In 1940 Jean Landis she joined the Civilian Pilot Training program (CPT) soon after college graduation. When the country entered WWII, Jean volunteered and was chosen for the Women Airforce Service Pilots (WASP) of WWII, a paramilitary organization, where women pilots flew military aircraft on non-combat missions. 

Jean was stationed at Long Beach, California where her primary assignment was to deliver P-51 Mustangs from the factory in Inglewood, CA to Newark, New Jersey where they were loaded onto ships and sent to the fighting front to allow more male pilots for combat missions. She also flew the P-39, P-63, P-40 and the P-47 Thunderbolt. She served until WASP were deactivated in 1944. Records of WASP were classified for many years and the women who served went unrecognized as American patriots. Though the WASP had been promised military status they continued to serve as civilian pilots throughout their service. 

Finally, 33 years after their deactivation they were granted full veteran status and their records were released and made available to historians and the general public. The greatest honor bestowed upon the WASP occurred, when the US Congress passed a bill (signed by President Barack Obama in July 2009) to award the Congressional Gold Medal (the highest Congressional honor for civilians) to Jean Landis and all other WASP.


"LETTERS HOME TO HERO STREET"  Directed by Kelly Rundle (25 min)

| BLOCK H | SATURDAY 1:00pm | click here to purchase a pass for this film block

"Letters Home to Hero Street" tells a personal and unforgettable story of war through letters written by the son of Mexican immigrants. It is a historical documentary that unfolds like a narrative film.  

A personal story of war and remembrance is told through the letters that Frank Sandoval, the son of Mexican immigrants, sent home to his family in Silvis, Illinois.

Frank becomes one of eight veterans of WWII and the Korean War killed in combat from the same block-and-a-half long street, more than any other street in America.

In 1969 the street was renamed Hero Street.  Many of the props used in the film belonged to Frank and the Sandoval family. "Letters Home to Hero Street" recently received an Emmy nomination.


"THE SONG OF SEASHORE" Directed by Long Yang (27 min)

| BLOCK H | SATURDAY 1:00pm | click here to purchase a pass for this film block


This is a short film to commemorate the 70th anniversary of the end of WWII, and the people who suffered during the conflict.

It’s about a young Japanese soldier who tries to save a Chinese ‘comfort woman’ during the war.


"ONE IS NO ONE" Directed by Marissa Losoya (30 min)

| BLOCK I | SATURDAY 3:15pm | click here to purchase a pass for this film block

ONE IS NO ONE follows Mama, a 57 year-old woman who provides for her multi-generational household by working with a recycling program.

Set in Costa Rica, this character-driven story focuses on her individual struggles against systemic poverty.

A recurring theme of unfulfilled promises leads to mistrust between Mama's community and those in power. ONE IS NO ONE focuses on Mama and her family as they navigate their personal struggles in order to move forward together.


"SPIRIT WARRIORS" Directed by Randall Wilson (30 min)

Spirit Warriors: A Legacy of the Navajo Warrior chronicles the history, dedication, service and sacrifice of the Navajo veteran from the Code Talker of World War II. The documentary features interviews with Code Talkers, Korean vets, Vietnam vets, Desert Storm vets and Iraq vets.

The Native Americans have always been one the first to volunteer and fight for their country, their land, and their people in every major conflict from World War I to the Iraq conflict.


"POWER'S WAR" Directed by Cameron Trejo (65 min)

| BLOCK I | SATURDAY 3:15pm | click here to purchase a pass for this film block

An in depth look into one man’s silent protest against American’s entry into the first World War that led to the deadliest shootout in Arizona’s history.

Contemporary interviews, archival material, and original artwork come together to tell the the story of a war that pitted the rights of individuals against the growing power of the federal government.

POWER’S WAR is a feature documentary film by director Cameron Trejo that delves deep into the circumstances leading up to and following the controversial Power Shootout during the First World War.

Narrated by John Slattery.

Featured historians include Heidi Osselaer, Eduardo Pagan, Mark Weitz, Paul Hietter, Marshall Trimble, the Arizona Republic’s Don Dedera, author Thomas Cobb (Crazy Heart), and many descendants of the Power Shootout.



| SUNDAY 8:45am | 

Every weekend morning of the film festival features a FREE 45 minute interaction with filmmakers and industry professionals.  Come on in after breakfast and learn about the craft of movie making.

How do you turn words into pictures?

Award-winning playwright and screenwriter Janice Kennedy will talk about creating a script that can be "seen" in the minds of the reader.

Last year, she used her short film, "Man.Woman.Blackbird.," to talk about how script-to-screen works in the real world. This year, she hopes to have clips from a new short film she's producing to again illustrate the process.

Janice was the star and co-writer of the short filmed in Borrego Springs, "Three Dead Husbands," that was a hit at the first BSFF.

Janice Kennedy is an award-winning playwright and screenwriter whose script for the dark comedy Man.Woman.Blackbird. won “Best Screenplay” at the Fifteen Minutes of Fame Festival of Shorts in competition with films from around the world. 

Janice's other awards include “Best Screenplay” from the Dixie Film Festival for the action-comedy Martial Artiste. Her original television script, Crossroads, won "Best Pilot" at the Cinema City International Film Festival and was a top five finalist in Toronto's WILDsound Film and Television Writing Competition.

Janice is the organizational liaison for the Broad Humor Film Festival (BHFF), an annual event in Venice Beach that screens comedies written and/or directed by women. Now in its 11th year, the BHFF was named in 2013 one of the top five "coolest" women's film festivals in the world by MovieMaker magazine. Broad Humor was started by Susan diRende, who wrote and directed Three Dead Husbands, the comedy short that was a hit at the first Borrego Springs Film Festival.  

Janice is married to Rick Koppes, an artist, and divides her time between Los Angeles and Borrego Springs.


"CLOSING DOORS" DIRECTED BY Elizabeth Rial (6 min)

| BLOCK J | SUNDAY 10:00am | click here to purchase a pass for this film block 

As Amanda begins her new day, she realizes that it's time to close the door on the guy she's been dating.


"THE TWO RICKIES" Directed by Juan Diego Ramirez (6min)

On the eve of her biggest fight, Ricki Gomez's father performs an act of compassion that leads to disastrous results.

'The Two Rickies' is about the estranged relationship between a father and a daughter and how love can also be a betrayal.  

The audience will need to decide.


"I MISS YOU" DIRECTED BY Alison Mason. WRITTEN, STARRING, and produced by Raleigh Jackson Jones. (8 min) 

| BLOCK J | SUNDAY 10:00am | click here to purchase a pass for this film block

Two people who have suffered a mutual loss get to know each other better and look to one another for comfort.


"FACES OF 8" DIRECTED BY Michael Shaw (13 min)

| BLOCK J | SUNDAY 10:00am | click here to purchase a pass for this film block

"Faces of 8" explores the relationships of eight same-sex couples who were married prior to the California state measure that prohibited further same-sex marriages.

It represents a unique historical perspective, as it was produced before the U.S. Supreme Court declared same-sex marriages legal. The title refers to Proposition 8, the 2008 California state measure that prohibited any further same-sex marriages, while allowing those that had married to remain legally married.

The couples in the film were married during that brief “window” when same-sex marriages were allowed.

Producer: Script2Stage2Screen and Dezart Performs 


"A STRUGGLE FOR HOME" directed by christina paschyn (44 min)

 | BLOCK J | SUNDAY 10:00am | click here to purchase a pass for this film block

There's more to Crimea than Putin. Watch the story of the Crimean Tatars and their battle to free their homeland from Russian oppression.

For hundreds of years, Crimea was home to the Crimean Tatars, a Muslim-Turkic people. They were the masters of the land, the indigenous population. But that all changed when the Russian Empire conquered the peninsula in 1783.

Since then, the Tatars have struggled to reclaim their home from Russian domination. In the process, they have suffered ethnic and religious persecution, including a Soviet genocide that saw their entire population forcibly and brutally deported from Crimea to Central Asia in 1944.

When the Soviet Union collapsed, many Tatars thought they finally would be free and secure in their homeland. But in February 2014, those dreams were dashed when Russian President Vladimir Putin invaded and re-annexed the peninsula.

This documentary film tells the little-known story of the Crimean Tatars. It features interviews with Crimean residents, Tatar activists, survivors of the 1944 deportation, and historians. Among the many interviewed include Russian nationalist Sergey Aksyonov, who is now the Putin-backed prime minister of the peninsula, and Mustafa Dzhemilev, the leader of the Crimean Tatar people.

The film recounts the rich and often tragic history of the Tatars, from ancient times to today. It is a story of betrayal, courage and, above all, hope. For despite all that they have faced, the Crimean Tatars remain undaunted in their struggle for freedom.


"FREEDOM LOST" DIRECTED BY Mischa Auzins (11 min)

| BLOCK K | SUNDAY 1:00pm | click here to purchase a pass for this film block

Freedom Lost - V2 - Still 02 - Original.jpg

Losing their parents in a tragic accident, the short lives of Kyle & Jess haven't been easy.

Preventing her younger brother from being taken by social services, Jess was forced to look after Kyle even though she can’t look after herself.

Finding solace in Max, Jess believes the security that Max offers to Kyle far outweighs her needs or safety.



| BLOCK K | SUNDAY 1:00pm | click here to purchase a pass for this film block


trailer 235_sub.jpg

On his first weekend parole after 5 years in prison, Mark Rodriguez (Jesus Lloveras) witnesses the armed robbery of a security van.

His brother´s critical situation and his own feelings of remorse will lead him to take desperate measures. His only help will be Mia (Sara Casasnovas), a young and sexy stripper he met the night before.




"UNIVERSAL GENTRIFICATION" Directed by Devon Perez (2 min)

| BLOCK L | SUNDAY 3:00pm | click here to purchase a pass for this film block

Universal Gentrification is a short film that humorously imagines what would happen if aliens decided to gentrify planet Earth.

In an effort to parody the constantly evolving group of residents occupying the San Francisco Bay Area, “Universal Gentrification” is a film that combines satire with social justice.


"The Itinerary" Directed by Ricardo Perez-Selsky (11 min)

| BLOCK L | SUNDAY 3:00pm | click here to purchase a pass for this film block

An older waitress abruptly finds herself without a job, but receives a mysterious package in the mail about what to do next.

The guidelines she receives teaches her how to fill her time and leads her to meeting a new friend.


"THE BOATMAN" Directed by Greg Morgan (104 min)

From the director:  "A true indy film.  A suspenseful thriller set in the landscape of the border crisis. If you liked "The Sixth Sense” you’ll love The Boatman.

It is a film that is full of twisting, interconnected, and complex conflicts. It’s hard to explain what it’s about because of all these different parts of the plot. It’s not just an immigration movie or a film about an estranged father/daughter relationship, and that last supernatural element just makes some people feel a little uneasy. Nevertheless, it’s incredibly engaging, beautiful, and at times, full of suspense."  --Greg Morgan



"RIVERS OF HOPE" Directed by Dawn Gifford Engle (78 min)

| BLOCK M | SUNDAY 6:30pm | click here to purchase a pass for this film block

"Adolfo Perez Esquivel: RIVERS OF HOPE" is the story of Latin America over the past eighty years, as seen through the eyes of one man -- world famous artist, human rights activist, and Nobel Peace Prize winner, Adolfo Perez Esquivel.

From his humble birth in Argentina to an indigenous mother and immigrant father, to his work exposing the "dirty war" being waged by military dictatorships across Latin America, to his time as a "disappeared" and tortured political prisoner, Adolfo became known as the conscience of Latin America and as a powerful voice for the dispossessed.

With extensive archival footage, family photos and never before seen interviews, this very personal film captures one man's journey upon the currents of hope that are now running across the Latin American continent, and it chronicles the genuine progress being made in the struggle for human rights and social justice, for all.


"NORTH" Directed by Natasha Soto (8 min) 

| BLOCK N | SUNDAY 8:15pm | click here to purchase a pass for this film block

The short film “North” is a fairytale about two young children in the forest, that are searching for the mother that has abandoned them. The audience gets to experience a bit of a darker side of fairytales, while looking at issues of abandonment people deal with.

“North” is set up as a fairytale and the reason for that is the concept of abandonment is something that is timeless. Like a fairytale there is no set time or date, but the core issues of the story is what we take away from it. .  


"MANO A MANO" Directed by Danny Torres and Matthew Dyer (72 min)

| BLOCK N | SUNDAY 8:15pm | click here to purchase a pass for this film block 

In the dark the night, a group of undocumented immigrants cross into the United States, unnoticed by the Border Patrol. Their journey, however, takes a dangerous turn when gunshots ring out and bodies begin to drop. Three survivors named Jose, Felix, and Chuy make it to dawn, but as the sun begins to beat down on them-- Felix is suddenly shot and killed. Jose and Chuy discover they are being followed by two vigilante minutemen in their pick-up truck who murder anyone that crosses the border. Jose and Chuy must now decide whether to run or fight. And even if they survive, they must still find a way across the long, hot desert in search of a better life.

Mano a Mano is a tense thriller that touches upon our nation’s immigration issues while telling a compelling and entertaining story.

From the director: "Matt, my co-director, and I, wanting to make the most entertaining film that we could, infused into Mano a Mano elements from every major genre, from westerns to suspense thrillers to even a few splashes of horror. Studying great films that had come before us, Matt and I were inspired by the epic landscapes of Lawrence of Arabia, the building tension of High Noon, the creepiness of Deliverance, and the rollercoaster ride that was Spielberg’s first feature, Duel." -- Danny Torres



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The NASA Lunar Land Rover Vehicle ("LLRV") test pilot's historic adventure that helped man explore the moon during the Apollo 11 mission.

“The Risk of Progress” reaches out to bring attention to a bygone era of the race to space.  The movement was inspired by John F. Kennedy and his dream to put a man on the moon.  The film also honors the many men and women who contributed their skills, and sometimes their life, in order to work as the world’s most elite test pilots and astronauts. 



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"From Billions to None: The Passenger Pigeon’s Flight to Extinction" tells the incredible forgotten story of the passenger pigeon, its unlikely extinction, and its striking relevance to conservation challenges today.

Almost 100 years ago on September 1, 1914, Martha, the last known passenger pigeon in existence (named after Martha Washington) died in the Cincinnati Zoo. What happened to the passenger pigeon? You could say we happened.

Follow naturalist and author Joel Greenberg on a journey to discover how and why this bird went extinct, and how today the story is more relevant than ever.

These birds could literally fill the entire sky when they flew over. - sometimes for days at a time. It went dark and the temperature dropped. The sound of the flocks could get so loud that you might see a rifle shoot, but you wouldn’t hear the gunshot. Passenger pigeons were a force of nature like nothing that exists today. And they flew over most of the United States and into Canada.


"SUNSET CRUISE" Directed by Ali Mann (29 min)

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Marty and Bea have been married for 74 years, and though they've made it to 96 years old, extreme longevity has exacted its toll: she barely functions, and he's frail and lonely. The two survive at home thanks to a tight-knit group of Jamaican home health aides who work around the clock to cook, feed, clean and entertain them. 

With all his material needs met, Marty's mind wanders between the past and present. He revisits expired passports and faded travel photos of his once-glamorous life. And thanks to Dee, a home health aide who is the object of Marty's considerable, but complicated affection, he is focused on his current life, as well. Marty and Dee are divided by not just age and sex, but race, culture and class, and it is these divisions that frame the subtle -- and less subtle -- assumptions, liberties, and boundaries of their relationship. 

SUNSET CRUISE is a loving but unflinching portrait of that intimate relationship, set aboard the cruise ship which will be the place of Marty's last vacation. On board, Marty tries to enjoy this version of the life he once led, while Dee struggles with the considerable challenges to her dignity and professionalism that come with being Marty's caretaker and companion.


"MISFITS" Directed by Johno Faherty (19 min)

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A high-level thief meets an arms dealer and they embark on a crime spree together across their city.

Misfits is a thrilling and fun take on a modern day Bonnie and Clyde duo filled with action, drama and incredible performances



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A love triangle is unraveled when a young painter is approached by an admirer who eases him into making sense of his relationship with his wife.

Creditors world-premiered at the Nordic International Film Festival in New York City on October 31, 2015.  Latin Post film critic David Salazar called the film "A triumphant debut" noting of the three lead actors that "the trio delivers masterful performances", calling the flashback sequences "what a Terrence Malick film would look like in black and white", and that the film "has shown that Cura has a tremendous future as a visual storyteller, his ability to deliver a strong performance coupled with a compelling film based on the work of a famed writer is a truly remarkable feat".

Blazing Minds film critic Susanne Hodder said of the actors that "all give compelling performances, bringing their characters to life and giving them depth" and concluded her review saying that "Creditors is an intelligent thought-provoking film which questions gender roles, female sexuality and male anxieties, making for an enjoyable and compelling watch.

Screen Relish film critic Stuie Greenfield highlighted the script structure and striking visuals by saying that "Elongated scenes provide beautiful imagery and vignettes of the Spanish landscape that are interspersed with a clever and well-developed script. These long, meaningful scenes bring with them an almost arthouse styling that adds to the charisma and allure of Cura’s magnetic film." He concluded that "Creditors is a beautiful, sometimes angry and surprising film that brings with it strong performances from the entire cast as well as an unexpected yet welcome twist. Cura has produced, written and directed a piece of film that he should be very proud of, and one that demonstrates an incredible aptitude for intense, thought-provoking cinema. He is one to watch out for, as is Creditors."