Hilary Pryor


Narrative Shorts

Over the last 30 years Hilary Pryor, President of May Street Productions Ltd and Vice-President of Mooswa Films Inc, has achieved an impressive reputation as a creative director, writer and producer of inspiring, award-winning broadcast programming. Hilary has been awarded the prestigious Humanitas Prize in Hollywood for film and television intended to promote human dignity, meaning, and freedom and The Japan Prize for Innovation in Directing.

Currently Hilary, with Garfield L Miller, is writer/producer on the feature film, PERCY, starring Christopher Walken, Christina Ricci and Zach Braf, which tells the true story of Saskatchewan farmer, Percy Schmeiser’s battle against corporate giant Monsanto. She is also one of the producers of WHALE TALK – an international co-production about whale communication now filming for CBC Nature of Things, ZDF and Arte.

Hilary’s drama experience as director/producer ranges from multi-award-winning live-action children’s series (including Take Off, Tiga Talk! ) to short films to MOW. Hilary’s many documentaries have predominantly focused on social justice including To Free the Slaves, the Gemini nominated Mama June: A Different Perspective on Aids, Checklist: A Measure of Evil for CTV and Discovery, and Fires that Burn featuring Jeremy Irons, which won both a Chris Award and a Wilbur Award in the US and was nominated for a Gemini. She has also produced documentaries for History Television – The Lacandon Maya, The Immortal Beaver, – and for Discovery – Gone Wild, and the Blue Realm natural history series. She is the Executive Producer and lead director of the LEO award-winning documentary series, Moosemeat and Marmalade, now in its fourth season, which blends humour with important themes as it explores cultural traditions and exchange around food and food security.