Michael R. Johnson



Michael R. Johnson is a multiple Emmy Award®-winning producer with more than 25 years of experience in various forms of media production. 

With a Bachelor's in Film and Television Production and Master's work in Educational Technology, Michael has focused much of his career in the realm of new media.

Specifically, Michael has overseen the design, development, and production of numerous award-winning interactive programs that fuse education and entertainment into one seamless experience. Michael's client list includes everything from small, local businesses and non-profit groups to large international and Fortune 500 companies such as Ford, General Motors, Sony, Lucent Technologies, Qualcomm, Honda, Raytheon, Volkswagen, Daimler-
Chrysler, IBM, Toyota, Fiat, Steelcase, Acura, Audi, Penske, The Human Performance Institute, and Johnson & Johnson.

Michael's work in television also includes various award-winning documentaries, special programming, PSAs, and commercials. One of Michael’s works is a two-hour special entitled “Reclaiming Your American Dream” that aired for more than a year on PBS, cable, and broadcast outlets, and garnered 3 Emmy Awards (& 5 nominations). Another
program, the pilot episode of "The Purple Couch," won 3 Emmy Awards and another in the new Advanced Media category for its website. His documentary “First People - Kumeyaay” won the People’s Choice Award at the inaugural Borrego Springs Film Festival.