2 by 2


"End of the world in 32 minutes - all aboard - all aboard!"

Han and Yan, two macho mountain shepherds whose pastures are divided by a national border, are in the middle of an age long battle of antagonism when a time-traveling spaceship crash lands, demolishing their border fence. The ship’s attendant announces that the end of the world will occur in 32 minutes and that the finest representatives of each species should queue '2 by 2'. Noah has returned in his space-ark. It dawns on Han and Yan that their only chance of survival is to work together, come up with a scam and trick their way onboard...


LANGUAGE: The film's dialogue is in Turkish with a 100% Turkish cast, yet the British director only speaks a few words of the language.

CAST: The cast features a range of experience from one of the most famous actors in Turkey, to a key actor who had never acted in anything before, to the stunning Tugba Melis Turk, who recently wore the Miss Turkey crown.