Who Is Mr. Peepers?

FRIDAY BLOCK E | 7:00 pm

Magikworld presents a heartening animated tale written and told by Susan Master - “Who Is Mr. Peepers?”. Jump into the colorful and awe- inspiring world of Mr. Peepers, an adolescent rooster in search of a place to call home. Along the way, Mr. Peepers interacts with a colorful cast of characters as he strives to find his way in the world. Upon reaching adulthood Mr. Peepers is banished from the Count Family’s farm house, and ends up in the farmyard. There he interacts with his fellow farmyard companions.

One day Mr. Peepers stumbles upon a Hen named Penny living in a brand new chicken coop. Mr. Peepers seems to have finally found a home. “Where Is Mr. Peepers?” Is a collaborative animated effort features a mixture of animation styles - everything from 3D animation to cut-out animation crafted by animators stationed all around the globe.