5Q's w/Dawn Gifford Engle "Adolfo Perez Esquivel: Rivers of Hope" Director

#1: Can you describe your movie and why somebody should see it in less than 140 characters?

The story of Latin America over the past eighty years as seen through the eyes of one man, Adolfo Perez Esquivel. 

#2: What do you want the Borrego FilmFestival audience to know about your film that isn’t obvious from its title?

Adolfo Perez Esquivel is a Nobel Peace Prize winner that was disappeared in the dirty wars of Argentina, and has since worked for social justice and peace. 

#3: What is your movie making background?  Tell us about yourself.

We've been filming with 13 nobel peace prize winners for 20 years. With a large back catalogue of footage, we've created the Nobel Legacy Film series.

#4: What was the biggest lesson learned in getting your film made?

That it take determination to create a film, without that you have nothing

#5: What does the future hold for your film and you?

We are currently in production on the next two films in our documentary series, Rigoberta Menchu: Daughter of the Maya and Dalai Lama: Scientist

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