5Q's w/Marlen Rios "Rosario" Director

SUNDAY | BLOCK J | 9:30 |
Rosario (10 min) dir: Marlen Rios


#1: Can you describe your movie and why somebody should see it in less than 280 characters?

“Rosario” tells the story of so many caregivers who remain silent about the hardships they face. We all have met at least one caregiver in our lives. Their problems are something we don’t discuss but we need to. Inevitably, over time, we ourselves will be related to caregiving.

#2: What do you want the Borrego Springs Film Festival audience to know about your film that isn’t obvious from its title?

The film was inspired by some events in my life. So, I really wanted to tell this story. It's a film that brings awareness but also empathy for a very difficult situation. "Rosario" is a woman's name, but it's also the same word used in Spanish for Rosary, the Catholic prayer. I wanted to emphasize the struggle the main character goes through.

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#3: What is your movie making background?  Tell us about yourself.

Actually, my first degree was a B.S. in Accounting. But film has always been my passion, so I've never stopped working towards it. A few years ago, I was lucky enough to get accepted into Centro de Capacitación Cinematográfica, in the film directing program, and now I'm currently pre-producing my thesis short film there. I also work as an editor, script supervisor and director in Mexico City.

#4: What was the biggest lesson learned in getting your film made?

The importance of getting the cast and the crew on the same page ahead of time. We were all working towards the same vision, and that made all the pieces come together as one. Also, to always have fun while making films: It's a blessing to make them.

#5: What does the future hold for your film and you?

Fortunately, we've had a successful festival run so far. We're very happy with how the public has reacted to it as well. We will be screening in The Netherlands, The Bahamas, Bangladesh and some beautiful cities in the next few weeks." 

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