“What an amazing film festival. The town really comes out to support the BSFF and make all the film makers feel welcomed and appreciated. We’ve had three films in the festival in three years and had 3 sold out screenings. I can’t wait to come back next year.” —Devin Scott, She Wore Silver Wings

“The festival was delightful: a warm, supportive environment for filmmakers, with a terrific audience for every film due to your single venue concept, which so many festivals lack. I had a wonderful time!” —Steve Lerner, When the Well Runs Dry

“I arrived at my films screening to see a line around the block. The large theater was packed. The Q & A was full of questions. This is a very cool festival, in a very cool location.” —Greg Morgan, The Boatman

“I never imagined the film would end up in front of an audience in the most beautiful Californian setting. It's a real delight to hear the work manages to travel overseas, to be enjoyed by distant cultures. Long live the Borrego Springs International Film Festival!" —Martin Smith, Seagulls

“The Borrego Springs Film Festival is a great event that provides filmmakers with a wonderful audience. I would definitely recommend other filmmakers to submit their films and to attend the festival!” —Danny Torres, Mano a Mano