"SEAGULLS" Directed by Martin Smith (14 min)*

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A: When a young showman visits a new town he struggles to fit in. Seagulls follows Ryan as he attempts to bond with a group of local boys.

From the director: I grew up in a Scottish seaside town, and the main form of entertainment was the funfair show that was stationed there all year round.The west of Scotland can be pretty wet and windswept, and outside of the summer it could be a strange experience, hanging out at this funfair that in summer is all bright lights and excitement, and in the darker months under brooding skies it took on an altogether different nature.

Long after I’d left the town I began to wonder about the family who worked the fair, how I never really knew them.There was some- thing ‘other’ about them - they had an air of excitement and power - and even though we had spent so much time within each other’s company I never really knew anything about them.They were almost mythical.

That left a huge question for me, and it obviously resonated with me. In recent years I have been developing a feature film with Creative Scotland about a young showman, and when I was asked ‘have you ever thought of making a short film based on the characters from that story’ the idea caught my imagination. So I took a look at the material and dreamt up a story based around the relationship between the boy, his mum and his new friends. --Martin Smith

*film contains Scottish dialect w/English subtitles