Film Freeway Luv by Fred Jee


Making an impact on the film festival circuit is no easy task with thousands of events out there in the world.  We're honored to partner with FF and carve out our slice of it.

Here's some local ink regarding the BSFF: BORREGO SUN

Also, our submission season is almost closed.  Get your films in now!  If you're a BSFF alumnus, drop us a line an we'll get you our entry fee waiver! 


T H R O W B A C K T H U R S D A  Y by Alicia Wszelaki

Frank Morgan was named (*elected?) the initial Honorary Mayor of Borrego Springs in 1948!

Before he became the first ceremonial official of Borrego Springs, Frank was one of the most well respected character actors in the silent film era of Hollywood.  He starred in movies alongside legendary early film performers performers such a John Barrymore and Thomas "Tommy" Meighan.

His career continued as films transitioned to sound.  His defining role(s) was as Professor Marvel, The Gatekeeper, and, of course, The Wizard in The Wizard of Oz (1939).

*An unsubstantiated account claims that during his Borrego Springs mayoral campaign he was unable to acquire an endorsement from the rather grumpy members of a confectionary union, but the gracious support from the Lullaby League was enough to earn him the key to the city.

The BSFF Celebrates Film and Filmmakers by Matthew Nothelfer

The BSFF is a filmmaker's festival.  It's designed that way.  The BSFF is a NON-PROFIT organization.  We're here to support the creative efforts of filmmaking and everything we do is built around that effort. 

Because of that outlook, our community has embraced and loves the annual festival --and they end up loving the attending filmmakers even more.

We're the real deal.  Come here, have a great time, interact with a generous audience.  It's what "going to the movies" is all about.

If you're a filmmaker, consider submitting your film today!

BSFF Road Trip! by Matthew Nothelfer

In 2017 we initiated our first "Official BSFF Road Trip."

The guided journey, which included attending filmmakers and BSFF pass holders, was a sunrise exploration/scouting trip of beautiful Font's Point.  The overlook onto the badlands scenics was an inspiration for all involved.

The a.m. excursion was immediately followed by a visit to the iconic statues of Ricardo Breceda.  Ricardo, BTW, created the 2017 award statues for the BSFF!

The BSFF plans to expand our official tours in 2018.

With so many wonderful locations in the Borrego Springs area, what do you recommend?  Leave your suggestions in the comment section!

BSFF Expands Awards by Matthew Nothelfer

The 2018 BSFF will offer 5 new "PEOPLE'S CHOICE" awards during festival competition.  These awards will be presented to the film with the most votes in each of our traditional categories:

• Best Narrative Feature

• Best Narrative Short

• Best Documentary

• Best Animation

• Best Latino Film

Offering more chances to our filmmakers to get recognized for their hard work is very important to the BSFF.  Also, giving our audience more input into our crazy award ceremony finale is going to be great!

We're getting better and moire fun every season.  Don't miss it!

Film Maker Shout Out and Freebie by Matthew Nothelfer

Just a quick re-thanks to all 2017 filmmakers that were a part of the 2017 season! 

We want to remind you, and all filmmakers from past years, that once you've been here, you're always welcome back.

If you've screened a film in any of our previous festivals we offer a FREE waiver into our current season.  Drop us a line and we'll make sure your latest project gets to us gratis!