T H R O W B A C K T H U R S D A  Y

Frank Morgan was named (*elected?) the initial Honorary Mayor of Borrego Springs in 1948!

Before he became the first ceremonial official of Borrego Springs, Frank was one of the most well respected character actors in the silent film era of Hollywood.  He starred in movies alongside legendary early film performers performers such a John Barrymore and Thomas "Tommy" Meighan.

His career continued as films transitioned to sound.  His defining role(s) was as Professor Marvel, The Gatekeeper, and, of course, The Wizard in The Wizard of Oz (1939).

*An unsubstantiated account claims that during his Borrego Springs mayoral campaign he was unable to acquire an endorsement from the rather grumpy members of a confectionary union, but the gracious support from the Lullaby League was enough to earn him the key to the city.

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