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Many new film makers don’t need motion picture cameras at all.  This is a cool evolution of the craft that has happened as we move deeper into the digital era.  Some directors are so creative and inventive all it takes is their imagination —and a lot of time locked away in their bedroom in front of a computer.  Well, okay, the camera is a requirement for some of the work, but it’s not the priority.

Has anyone been following the film making career of Don Hertzfeldt?  His films are gems of emotional existential storytelling.  Hardly any of his techniques rely on fancy camera gear.  Rather, using lush soundscapes and crudely drawn stick figures the guy is able to make narratives that are completely engaging.  It’s decidedly low-fi film production, but by no means does it lack in sophistication.  Quite the opposite:

On the other end of the spectrum are technical achivements such as Erik Wernquist’s “Wanderers”

It’s a CGI masterpiece.  By Hollywood standards it’s not CGI that’s an overwhelming violent spectacle, but it’s spectacular for so many other reasons.  His images, familiar narration (a famous scientist), and storytelling prowess, combine to create awe and inspiration.  Images used to create his short were mostly from NASA.  With a large dose of patience at the seat of his 3D software he’s created an extremely memorable film.

These are just two examples that I’ve been impressed with over the past few years, but many many more are out there.

When it comes to films wherein the motion picture camera is not the primary tool what are some of your favorites?

It's such an exciting era of film making!

And don't forget, the 2016 BSFF will offer new works of this motion picture art for your consideration.  During the last festival our block of animation films was packed.  This year will be no different.  Make sure you’re here to see all the creativity (sans cameraon the big screen.   

-Matt N.