The BSFF Regular Submission Deadline

The BSFF is now accepting films during our "regular" submission time-frame.  Typically, this is where we receive most of our films.  It's also the time where we acquire some of the most creative and surprising movies.  We hope it's one of your films.

Are you considering the BSFF?  Please do!  

BSFF filmmakers are honored guest in our town. We'll treat you to a wonderful opening gala, parties, a private lounge area, and discount lodging in Borrego Springs. 

2017 is a special year for the film festival. We’re expanding our industry panels, Q&A sessions, and are screening locally filmed “Last Days in the Desert,” the 2016 film by director Rodrigo García, cinematographer Emmanuel Lubezki, and actor Ewan McGregor.

Join us for what will be the best year of the BSFF by far! One huge theater, one big screen, and endless community enthusiasm!

I mean, c'mon, it's just a cool little festival in an awesome little desert community. Come on out here, you're going to love it.