"SUNSET CRUISE" Directed by Ali Mann (29 min)

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Marty and Bea have been married for 74 years, and though they've made it to 96 years old, extreme longevity has exacted its toll: she barely functions, and he's frail and lonely. The two survive at home thanks to a tight-knit group of Jamaican home health aides who work around the clock to cook, feed, clean and entertain them. 

With all his material needs met, Marty's mind wanders between the past and present. He revisits expired passports and faded travel photos of his once-glamorous life. And thanks to Dee, a home health aide who is the object of Marty's considerable, but complicated affection, he is focused on his current life, as well. Marty and Dee are divided by not just age and sex, but race, culture and class, and it is these divisions that frame the subtle -- and less subtle -- assumptions, liberties, and boundaries of their relationship. 

SUNSET CRUISE is a loving but unflinching portrait of that intimate relationship, set aboard the cruise ship which will be the place of Marty's last vacation. On board, Marty tries to enjoy this version of the life he once led, while Dee struggles with the considerable challenges to her dignity and professionalism that come with being Marty's caretaker and companion.