2015 Borrego Springs Film Festival Winners

written & directed by Joel Ashton McCarthy & Bryant H. Boesen

Best Narrative Feature: FRAGMENTEDwritten by Wendy Elford-Argent; directed by Douglas Elford-Argent

Best Animation: JUNK GIRL [based on a poem by Tim Burton] , Directed by Mohammad Zare & Shalale Kheiri

Best Latino FilmSIN FRONTERAS / WITHOUT BORDERSwritten & directed by Giorgio Serafini

Best Short: SALTONwritten & directed by: Emily Sandifer

Peoples Choice: SONS OF AFRICAwritten by Robert Litz; directed by James Becket

2015 Films

Documentary Feature

TAKING MY PARENTS TO BURNING MAN,, written & directed by Joel Ashton McCarthy, Bryant H. Boesen

SOMEONE YOU LOVE: The HPV Epidemic, written by Mark Hefti; directed by Frederic Lumiere

SONS OF ARFICA, written by Robert Litz; directed by James Becket

FURTHEST FROM THE WILD, written by Sam Tello; directed by Alex Tello

SCARRED LANDS AND WOUNDED LIVES, written & directed by Alice & Lincoln Day

Narrative Feature

FRAGMENTEDwritten by Wendy Elford-Argent; directed by Douglas Elford-Argent

IF-THEN SCENARIO, written by Burt Peachy & Denny Dey, directed by Gina Bikales

TABLE 47, written by Michael Brody; directed by Jeff Kingery

KAPTARA, Written by Patrick Canning and James de Ciutiis; directed by Patrick Canning

Short Feature

THE GAMBLERwritten & directed by Kyle McNally

SALTON, written & directed by Emily Sandifer

HANA, written by Don Riemer; directed by Bunee Tomlinson

FROM EVA WITH LOVE, written & directed by Norman Gregory McGuire

THE BETTER HALF, written by Alicia Jordan; directed by Michael D. Witman 

MY HEART, written & directed by Yaser Talebi

PAST IMPULSE, written & directed by Michael Rossi

THE DEBT, written Mahmoud Shoolizadeh & Richard Levine; directed by Mahmoud Shoolizadeh

JORDAN’S JACKHAMMER, written by Carol Deminski; directed by Hiroshi Hara 

IF YOU LOVE YOUR CHILDREN, written by Victoria Wharfe McIntyre, directed by Sanjay Patel

LUFTSCHLOSS, written & directed Benedikt Gross

SOMEBODY’S MOTHER, written & directed by Mandy Fabian

MOPPETwritten & directed

TIDES, written & directed by Amelia Burnatowski 

STORIES OF ALYX AND ANTON, written & directed by Calum Smith

A BOY’S PRAYER, written by Chao Koi-Wang, Chen Yi-ru; directed by Chao Koi-Wang

ALIEN COMMUNICATIONS, written by Kurtis Theorin; directed by Kurtis Theorin, Kris Theorin

LONG DISTANCEwritten by Matthew Nothelfer; directed by Matthew Nothelfer, Alicia Wszelaki 

THE LEGEND OF PEG LEG’S LEG, written & directed by Devin Scott

SKY IS NOT EMPTY!, written & directed by Yaser Talebi

NOT ANYMORE: A STORY OF REVOLUTION, written & directed by Matthew VanDyke 

SHARIA, written & directed by Anouar H. Smaine


THE COLLECTOR, written by Zachary Green, James Grace, David Martingale; directed by Zachary Green

JUNK GIRL, based on a poem by Tim Burton; written by Shalale Kheiri; directed by Mohammad Zare, Shalale Kheiri

BIG BAG, written& directed by Ricardo Martin Coloma

TREASURE NEST, written & directed by Meng Chwen (Joy) Tien & Allison Botkin

UNE BALADE A LA ME, written & directed by Damien Stein

COLORS, written & directed by Jacob Hood

Latino Films

SIN FRONTERAS/WITHOUT BORDERS, written & directed by Giorgio Serafini

LA MAREA, written & directed by Gabriela Lozada Pozo

EL CORREDOR, written & directed by L.W. Thomas


2015 BSFF Red Carpet

What a great film festival! I really enjoyed the fest and met so many nice people. You have a wonderful town!
— Michael N., Filmmaker

2015 BSFF De Anza Welcome Party

The Festival started off in fine fashion with an opening reception at de Anza Country Club. It was packed with producers, writers, directors, actors, organizers, and film buffs, all excited about the event.
— Rich Caldwell and Gwenn Marie, Owners, Borrego Valley Inn

The Films, Borrego Springs Performing Arts Center

The gracious and enthusiastic crowds at our screening was the most incredible festival experience I’ve had as a film maker.
— Matthew H.N.

The Film Festival Party, Borrego Springs Resort

Ain’t no party like a Borrego Springs party. Cause the film fest party don’t stop. You know we gonna party like a Borrego Springs party ‘til somebody calls the cops.
— Not Coolio

The 2015 BSFF Awards Ceremony

The experience from start to finish was amazing.
— Alicia W., Filmmaker